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May contain: transportation, vehicle, truck, fire truck, and fire station

Thornton Fire District has as arrangement of apparatus and personnel equipped to handle an arrays of fire related incidents. Our Fire Apparatus include E17-1 a type 1 apparatus designed for structural firefighting, E17-2 a type 2 apparatus which meets the needs of structural firefighting and wildland firefighting, E17-3 a type 3 apparatus designed for wildland firefighting, and WT17-1 a water tender designed to shuttle water to areas in which a static water source is not readily available. 


may contain: Fire truck, person, bag, mask


Curious as to why a fire engine responds to medical emergencies? All Thornton Fire District firefighters are County/State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Firefighters are equipped and trained to provide basic life support (BLS) rendering pre-hosptial care until an ambulance with a paramedic arrives on scene to provide advanced life support (ALS).



May contain: gas pump, machine, pump, transportation, and vehicle

Thornton Fire District strives to provide exceptional pre-hospital care. Along with other county fire agencies, Thornton Fire District was recently awarded a LUCAS Device 3 by the San Joaquin County EMSA. The LUCAS device is an automated chest compression device designed to drastically improve patient outcome in cardiac arrest incidents.